Garage Legal offers free online or in-person consultations to entrepreneurs and founders of start-up companies within Montreal’s community by students in law.


Garage Legal’s team is made up of law students who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship and who are able to identify the needs of our clients as well as carry out the research required to answer their questions. The students are supervised by experienced lawyers who review the legal information provided to the companies.


To use the services of Garage Legal, a  company must meet the following criteria:

  • They must have passed the stage of a simple idea. A product or a service must have been already developed;
  • The Company has not reached a point where its legal needs exceed the means of the Garage Legal’s students.


Garage Legal is not a business incubator. The legal clinic is not looking for startups based on their development potential. To be part of this program, the company must have passed the stage of a simple idea without having been necessarily incorporated. It is also important that the company is not already legally bound with a lawyer or a law firm.

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